As you would expect, our therapists are Licensed, experienced, insured and great at doing massages. However, before hiring them we also make absolutely sure they are happy, easy going therapists with a friendly personality , so that you enjoy both their touch and their company. We believe there's no point doing a great massage if the client feels uncomfortable.


on time


We pride ourselves on being one of the quickest and most reliable mobile massage services in the country.
We promise to give you an honest expected time of arrival and if unexpected travel delays occur, your therapist will send you a text message to keep you informed about arrival time. If we are late, our therapist will always give you an extra few minutes of massage for free.


good value


At only $160 per hour and with great service, we believe we offer the best value for mobile Outcall massages  can offer. Our most popular bookings are 90 minutes and 2 hours.



We don't believe in short changing of our clients so we promise your session timing will only start when your therapist's hands touch your body and will end when her hands leave you. 
Often you'll even get just a little bit longer because our therapists love massage and are not clock-watchers.



We only use high quality oils or special massage cream. Please inform your therapist if you have any skin allergies and she will ensure the best product is used for you.


where is The Massage Room?

We offer an Outcall massage service, so our therapists come to you. If you have never had a home massage before you must try it to believe it. 
We bring the massage room to your hotel room - it makes life easy for you.



This service is available from 9 am to12am from Monday to Sunday.

Please call us for an appointment.